Art Crawl


Modeled after the rooster weather vane that sat atop the Old Stone Fort back in the 1700s, the Valley Roosters are back for their annual Schoharie Valley Art Crawl starting Labor Day weekend and running throughout October.

Here’s how it works. You can get up close and personal with the Valley roosters at locations throughout the Schoharie Valley. Check our website for dates and locations, then take a leisurely ride through our beautiful valley. When you find the perfect rooster, submit a bid.  Bids for each rooster will be opened in early November. If yours is a winning bid, we’ll contact you to make arrangements for you to get your Valley rooster.

Saratoga has its horses. The Adirondacks have their chairs. Not surprisingly, the Catskills have their cats. But we have the roosters. And the artists and craftspeople to turn them into works of art. Come take a look at this year’s flock!



SchoharieValleyArtCrawl2016  (PDF)